OMD 2018 Earth Day Challenge

OMD teams up with mom bloggers for the 2018 Earth Day Challenge. Follow along to see how they dedicate one meal a day to their health and the planet, for 21 days.
Earth Day Challenge
April 19, 2018 Leave your thoughts 2 min read

Introducing the OMD 2018 Earth Day Challenge

We get it. Food is personal. Whether you don’t know what the heck tempeh is, are trying to eat more fruits and veggies for your health, or are curious to learn the “how and why” of  plant-based eating, the foods we choose to eat hold enormous meaning and possibility.

Each time you dedicate even one meal a day to the planet, you’re making an investment in both your future health and also the future of a healthy planet. Simply by what’s on your plate.

For sure, recycling, swapping light bulbs and taking electric vehicle transport is HUGE. But did you know that animal agriculture creates more CO2 than emissions from ALL the planes, trains, cars and trucks in the world? So every meal is an opportunity, when possible, to lighten your foodprint (and improve your quality of life!).

"That’s why this Earth Day, we’ve challenged some of our favorite bloggers to make the swap."

How does it work? These nine bloggers will go plant-based for at least one meal a day, for 21-days, and keep us all updated on their progress online. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing their best tips, recipes, and their experience taking the OMD Earth Day Challenge.

Want to follow along, or maybe take the challenge yourself? Join our newsletter for a Starter Guide, and check out our partners below for some fresh inspiration.

Creative Green Living–  @CreativeGreenLiving & @CreativeGreenKitchen

Recetas Latinas Veganas-  Facebook: @recetaslatinasveganas Twitter/Instagram: @recetaslveganas

Naturalmente Mama-  Facebook/Instagram: @naturalmentemama Twitter: @naturalmentmama

Groovy Green Living– Facebook/Instagram: @groovygreenliving Twitter: @groovygreenlivi

Little Family AdventureFacebook: @ourlittlefamilyadventure Twitter/Instagram: @lilfamadventure

Life In Pumps Facebook/Twitter: @lifeinpumps Instagram:@TomikaTalks

Simplify Live Love– @simplifylivelove

Robust WholenessFacebook/Twitter: @robustwholeness Instagram: @robust_wholeness

Rockin’ MamaFacebook: @rockinmamablog Twitter: @rockinmama

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Jessica Jewell Lanier is OMD’s Communications and Social Media Manager. When not eating plants, you can find her reading spooky dystopian novels, exploring SoCal’s local trails or cuddling her dog, Penny the Rescue Puppy.

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