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Fighting for Food Justice & System Change.

OMD is organizing communities in North Carolina to radically change people’s relationship to food. Zakiyaa Taylor, our local Field Organizer, is hosting meetups and events to support people eating more plant-based, and is building relationships with organizations and local leaders to co-create change.

Through our community-led coalition and team of volunteers, our goal is to get more plant-based food served in K-12 schools and restaurants to improve people’s health, promote food equity and to protect the planet–– our wild living home.

Why North Carolina?

For Healthier Communities and Environmental Justice. North Carolina is  a hotbed of inequity. The state has the largest number of CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations or factory farms) in the country, and Durham County has more hogs per capita than people. The conditions are causing an ongoing public health and environmental crisis, mostly in communities of color and those living in poverty. People living near these operations often suffer from chronic illness and are subjected to substandard living, as the noxious stench from the “lagoons” of excrement are inescapable.


Natural disasters like Hurricane Florence also cause environmental hazards near factory farms. In the wake of these storms, flood waters rise and the feces-filled lagoons spill hundreds of thousands of sewage into nearby water sources, exposing people and wildlife to dangerous bacteria.

Standing up to Corporate Animal Agriculture. Yet the people are pushing back resulting in a win against a major corporate hog farming operation that was causing harm to the community. Yet Big Ag fought back. Now, Big Ag-funded lobbyists are pushing “right-to-farm” bills that would prevent people from filing health or environmental nuisance claims against corporate hog operations. People want justice–– clean air to breathe and healthy rivers, to thrive in their own neighborhoods, and an end to industrial animal agriculture’s negative impact on their well-being.

Get Involved.

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You can help change food systems. To learn more, download our toolkits to advocate for change at K-12 schools  and restaurants  anywhere in the country.

OMD North Carolina Plant-Based Eaters Guide

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Are you plant-curious or looking to make a difference in your health? Download OMD’s North Carolina Plant-Based Eaters Guide for an extensive directory of where to go to get the best meat and dairy-free grub across the state!


OMD hosts events for people like you to come together, share stories and support each other. To learn more about upcoming screenings, festivals or restaurant crawls, join our Meetup group!

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