Success Stories

OMD Success Stories.

It takes emotional labor and challenging behavior shifts to change lifelong habits. Most of us grew up with meat and dairy on our plates for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it’s never too late to eat more plants.

We understand that sometimes even taking small steps can be daunting — especially when you aren’t sure what to expect. Feeling like you aren’t alone is half the battle, and that’s why hearing personal stories is intrinsic to cultivate the spark needed to feed your plant-based journey.

Watch OMD success stories a dose of radical transformations and inspiring stories of vibrant health.

Chrissy and Stuart Bullard

Miguel Villarreal

Miguel villarreal

I had never considered being plant-based until I read T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study. In the book, Dr. Campbell refers to many professional and Olympic athletes that had thrived while living plant-based. I had been an avid cyclist my entire life and had competed in many cycling events– except for 200-mile rides. As a meat eater, I had tried and failed for years to finish a 200-mile ride. I had the will, but my body could not handle more than 8 hours on a bike.

But I was able to finish my first 200 mile bike ride after just 2 months of being plant-based. That same year, I completed my second 200-mile bike ride (the most challenging in the state of California). I attribute this all to my lifestyle.

May Nachum

Paulo de Sousa