Collaborating Toward A Better Food Future.

Building an equitable food movement can’t be done alone. We’re stronger when we work together to break down barriers and build bridges to healthier, plant-based foods in communities across the country.

OMD is dreaming big.

We can do this, if we work together to elevate each other’s voices and stories — one bite at a time. Looking to get involved? Email us at for support, or visit our Take Action section of our site.

OMD Partners

We’re partnering with PCRM to launch our pilot campaign on the ground in North Carolina, to increase access to healthy plant-based food in schools and restaurants. As a key partner on our School Lunch Toolkit, we’re also working with PCRM to increase availability of healthy, plant-based food options in school lunch lines across the country. Visit website

Chef Ann Foundation works in over 9,000 schools in all 50 US states, reaching 3 million children. We are partnering with their More Plants Please! initiative to get more plant-forward meals into schools across the country. They are a partner on our School Lunch Toolkit for Change: Making Healthy, Climate-Friendly Food Service a Reality for parents, kids, and those passionate about increasing plant-based options in schools. Visit website

We’re working with the Center for Biological Diversity as our sole partner on our Restaurant Engagement Toolkit  to support people to get healthy, plant-based entrées on menus in restaurants across the country — from small mom and pop cafés to larger chains. We’re also partnering on a national campaign to encourage restaurants to serve at least one plant-based entrée, starting with Applebee’s. Applebee’s is one of the largest, most well-known chains in America and, right now, they don’t offer a single vegetarian entrée at most locations. We are running a campaign with the Center to change this. Visit website

We’re partnering with Friends of the Earth’s Food & Agriculture team to organize several Healthy, Climate-Friendly Foodservice forums around the country. These forums convene school sustainability staff, nutrition service directors, health, environmental and food NGOs, government, and other interested allies to support school staff with tools and resources to get more plant-based food served in school cafeterias. Visit website

Together with Earth Guardians and their Youth Director, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, we are building a youth movement advocating that plant-based eating is an imperative climate justice solution. To spread the word, we will use video, social media and organizing to invite youth from across the country to drive school lunch reform with healthy, plant-based meal options in their school lunchrooms. Visit website

Piggy backing off of the first-ever Good Food Restaurant Scorecard (showing 64/100 leading US restaurant chains failing to offer a single plant-based entrée) we are conducting further research and analysis on a handful of restaurants which we’ll engage nationally to meet people’s demands for plant-based options. Visit website

HSUS is driving major institutional food system reforms through culinary trainings, educational resources, and regional coordinators working in key locations across the country directly engaging food service staff. OMD will create consumer demand for plant-based food and support people in getting their local schools and restaurants to serve more plants while HSUS works with institutions directly to get more plants, less meat and dairy on menus and cafeterias. Visit website

We will collaborate with GPI as they build out their new campaign, Less is More, in over 15 countries across the globe, calling for a 50% reduction in meat consumption and production. Visit website

It’s essential to influence both behaviors (people) and menus (systems), so OMD is including the Better Buying Lab’s tools and best practices in our Restaurant Engagement Toolkit  to support restaurants in menu design,  language usage and chef training. The global shift toward plant-based eating will be accelerated by providing food institutions with research on how to best market plant-based foods. Visit website

With RFC’s guidance, we are working on the ground in North Carolina, where veganism has existed for hundreds of years — driven by the black community. Together, we will build an intersectional local coalition and campaign to improve access to plant-based food. We are also consulting RFC on how we can best anchor racial equity in our various campaign initiatives. Visit website

Meatless Mondays is getting colleges, universities, hospitals, stadiums, and school cafeterias to serve strictly vegetarian food one day a week. We will work together to make healthy plant-based food mainstream. Visit website

Focused on shifting institutional food menus toward more plants and less meat and dairy, we are naturally aligned with the goals and strategies of Balanced. Balanced will include our school and restaurant toolkits in the resources they offer to the advocates trained to run local campaigns, and we will send our advocates to them who seek deeper training on how to run an effective local campaign to get more plants on menus. Visit website