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Our Story: Suzy’s Dreams of a Better World for Future Generations.

Serendipity was at work when Suzy Amis Cameron grabbed Forks Over Knives, a documentary based on the works of Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn featuring the overwhelming science behind the health benefits of eating plant-based and the ill effects of meat- and dairy-heavy diets.

It turned everything Suzy thought she knew about nutrition on its head — and immediately, she and her husband, Jim, made the switch to a plant-based diet, ridding their kitchen of animal products in one fell swoop. It was 2012, Suzy had just turned 50, and Jim was almost 60. Both of them had heart disease and cancer in their families — and Suzy felt an urgency to share the groundbreaking news with everyone she knew.

Yet Suzy was in for another shocker: After months of reading, documentary-watching and discussion with Jim, Suzy realized that animal agriculture was also one of the leading causes of climate change, deforestation, extinction, and dead zones in the ocean. “You’re kidding — not only is this way of eating killing us, but it’s also polluting the planet?”

At that moment, Suzy’s life purpose became very clear, and she began to devote herself to promoting plant-based solutions to address climate change, from writing The OMD Plan and producing media, to investing in research and campaigns, to creating affordable, convenient, delicious foods.

Path with Purpose: How OMD Came to Life.

The idea of eating One Meal a Day was born at MUSE School, the Southern California school that Suzy founded with her sister, Rebecca Amis in 2005. An environmentally-focused school, the sisters knew that in order to lighten the school’s ecological footprint even more, they needed to migrate to a plant-based lunch program. They set up talks with nutritionists, pediatricians, chefs, scientists and more, to educate themselves, the teachers and the parents. It wasn’t easy. There was resistance — to which Head of School Jeff King responded, “But it’s just one meal a day!” And it stuck.

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As the school community began to understand the nutritional science and environmental impact — and kids gobbled down delicious plant-based eats — parents and teachers saw the benefits for their kids’ health and the planet. In 2015, MUSE led the way as the first plant-based school in the country, modeling climate-friendly food, integrated curriculum, and kid-approved recipes.

After this experience, Suzy realized she had an opportunity to share all that she learned with others. So, she wrote the The OMD Plan, launched the OMD Movement and started dreaming up a line of delicious and accessible OMD Food products.

Based on the engaging and relevant MUSE experience and curriculum, the MUSE values of sustainability and passion-based learning are available through a franchise model worldwide through MUSE Global.

OMD: The Book. The Movement.

The OMD team officially formed in 2017. Our mission: To build a global movement, community and campaign to support and inspire individuals to eat plant-based foods as a solution for climate change. OMD is also focused on food system change and expanding access to plant-based foods. Our efforts focus on two of the biggest targets: national restaurant chains and school lunch programs.

The OMD Plan: Swapping One Meal a Day to Save Your Health and Save the Planet, (now available in paperback!) spreads the word and hold people’s hands as they take steps toward better health. It’s a combination of guide and personal story, full of tips, expert advice from doctors, and Suzy’s favorite recipes to inspire a different relationship with food — one meal at a time.

OMD also launched a campaign on the ground in North Carolina in the fall of 2018 to equitably get more plant-based foods on menus and in school lunch programs. This kind of change works to break down barriers to access, support community health and to also reduce people’s environmental “foodprint.”


Born out of OMD, Suzy’s new venture is food production — to create delicious and convenient food to help people everywhere. To do this, she initiated a seed-to-fork approach — from the development of seeds, the farming of ingredients, the processing of proteins and the advent of a holistic, new food company: OMD Foods.

Coming soon, OMD Foods will offer a means for families to dip a toe (or dive head-first!) into the world of plant-based eating.

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