One Meal a Day for the Planet

What if you could start to change the fate of the world by dinnertime tonight?

There’s a simple, elegant solution to save the Earth and ourselves—and it’s hiding inside your refrigerator. Nothing we do—not a single other activity in our lives—comes close to the environmental impact of what we eat. And the more plant-based meals and less meat and dairy we eat, the healthier for all. It’s that simple.

In Fall 2018, Suzy Amis Cameron will publish, OMD: Swap One Meal a Day to Get Healthy, Live Longer, and Save the Planet, with Simon & Schuster’s Atria Publishing Group. She will also launch the OMD campaign to promote plant-based food solutions to climate change—a multi-pronged effort to transform eating habits and the food system.

The revolution starts on our plates!
Make the pledge today.

An invitation from Suzy Amis Cameron

I wake up every day thinking about the planet
and how to make the world a better place for our
children. I’m 100% obsessed (my kids will vouch)
with protecting the health of our oceans and forests,
species losing their habitats and the warming planet.

That’s why I was so shocked to learn that animal
agriculture has such a devastating impact on our
environment. I had no idea. None.

Yet I was hopeful—and hope is a biggie these days!—because there is a
simple, elegant solution that people, families and communities can use to
make a difference: Eat more plants, less meat.

Mother Nature rocks. She knows how to make foods irresistible. I mean,
raspberries? Avocados? Fresh papaya? She’s also orchestrated the common
sense reality that what’s good for human health is good for the planet.

So join me in the plant-based revolution and take the OMD pledge. OMD pledge
We’ve got this!

Take the Pledge

One Meal a Day for the Planet is about having one plant-based meal a day
to begin to reduce your “foodprint.” We think that once you start, you’ll feel
so good, you’ll keep going. Two meals, then maybe three.

Take the pledge with me and calculate your annual environmental savings:

Eat 1 plant-based meal a day
Save 194,667 gallons of water and carbon pollution equivalent to 3,077 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.
Eat 2 plant-based meals a day
Save 389,344 gallons of water and carbon pollution equivalent to driving across the United States more than two times.
Eat 3 plant-based meals a day
Save 584,001 gallons of water (enough to fill an Olympic-sized pool) and carbon pollution equivalent to driving across the United States more than 3 times.

Make the Pledge Make the Pledge

The environmental savings are just the beginning. Science shows that
people who focus their eating on fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds,
and whole grains:

  • Live almost 3.6 years longer
  • Have 24 percent lower risk of heart disease
  • Have 25 percent lower risk of diabetes
  • Have 43 percent lower risk of cancer

Potential downsides: You may become annoyingly energetic. You may
radiate newfound plant-based health. Friends may show up at your house
uninvited for meals. You may have to see the doctor less. And you may
need to get a new, smaller wardrobe.

Connecting the Dots on Climate and Animal Agriculture

Let’s admit it: climate change can be mind numbing and overwhelming.
But the facts are clear—here are 5 ways meat and dairy impact our planet.

Depressing, eh? Yet if we in the U.S. ate just 50% less meat, it’s the
equivalent of taking 26 million cars off the road. If we eat plant-based
meals as often as possible, we can cut our own personal environmental
impact in half. Talk about making a difference!

Join Us

Join the plant-based revolution and take the OMD Pledge with me.
Together, we can transform our health and radically impact the planet in nourishing ways.

“I pledge to eat at least one plant-based meal a day to protect the planet, both now and for all future generations.”