School Program Toolbox

Links and resources cited in our School Program Toolbox


Food Service Director Letter:

School Board Member Letter:

Timeline for Change:

Ambassador Guide:

Recipies for School Lunch Programs;

Vegetarian Options for School Lunch Programs:

Plant Forward Recipies:

Food Service resources:

Training for K-12 food service staff:

Meatless Monday Goes to School:

Lunch Lessons, Changing the Way We Feed Our Children:

Making the Case for Healthy, Freshly Prepared School Meals:

Shrinking the Carbon and Water Footprint of School Food:

Posters and flyers:

Success Stories:

Meatless Monday Implementation Guide:

Friends of the Earth report:

Friends of the Earth’s school food page:

Chef Bryant Terry Cooks with Afro Vegan Soul:

Bryant Terry on Afro-Veganism & The Black Panther Movement

Why pro-intersectional veganism is important