School Lunch Toolkit Resources

Links and resources cited in our School Lunch Toolkit


Animal agriculture is a major greenhouse gas emitter:

A driver of deforestation:

A driver of species extinction:

20 times more greenhouse gas emissions:

Dairy-free drink option:

Meatless Monday:

Foodservice Director sample letter:

Foodservice Director concerns:

Plant-forward recipies:

Plant-based recipies:

Friends of the Earth recipies:

Short video for meeting:

Resource packet (toolbox): URL TO COME

Chef Ann Foundation email:

One Meal a Day email:

Friends of the Earth email:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine email:

School Board Member letter:

Chef Ann Foundation’s Parent Advocacy Initiative:

Educational materials:

Good Food Purchasing Standards:

California State Resolution:

New York State Resolution:

Hawaii State Resolution:

Oakland Unified School District success story:

Los Angeles School District success story:

Good Food Purchasing Policy success stories:

Brooklyn Schools success story:

USDA success story:

School Nutrition Association survey:

School food inequity:

School lunch facts: URL to come

Center for Disease Control statistics:

Dietary Guidelines for Americans:

Animal Agriculture Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Menus of Change annual report: