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Food Deserts:

U.S. restaurant chains don’t offer a single plant-based entrée.

In America, we eat three times more meat per capita:

More than what’s recommended by federal dietary guidelines:

22% of consumers limit their meat, poultry, or seafood consumption:

The global plant-based market:

Plant-based proteins could represent 1/3 of overall protein consumed:

30% of Millennials report that they eat meat alternatives every day:

9 in 10 consumers agree plant-based entrées are generally healthier:

Top reason for increasing plant-based food consumption is to improve health:

Vegetarians are at a reduced risk of disease:

Why changing restaurant menus matters:

Comment Card Template:

How to Engage Restaurants on Social Media:

Restaurant Letter Template:

Guide to Plant-based Recipes:

Best Practices:

Trends in Plant-based Eating:

Restaurant success stories:

Restaurant Comment Card:

How to Engage Restaurants on Social Media: