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One Meal a Day for the Planet (OMD) and the Center for Biological Diversity launch a national campaign targeting restaurants to change menus to increase access to meat- and dairy-free foods
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LOS ANGELES (September 19, 2018) — Yesterday, people gathered to ask Applebee’s to add plant-based entrées to all of its menus nationwide. OMD and the Center for Biological Diversity hosted events at locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Clearwater to target the restaurant to make a change on behalf of climate health and biodiversity.

“Applebee’s has an opportunity to show real leadership and concern for the health of customers and communities by adding plant-based options on its menu. At a time when consumer taste buds are changing–– 22% of consumers are limiting meat, poultry, or seafood, according to a recent study–– they can also take advantage of the growing demand for plant-based foods,” said Ashley Schaeffer Yildiz, OMD Campaign Manager.

At the National Day of Action, concerned eaters served plant-based hamburger samples donated by Hungry Planet, a health-focused, premium plant-based food brand, outside of the Applebee’s locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Additionally, customers filled out comment cards and petitions were delivered urging the chain to offer healthy options free of meat and dairy. With over 1,900 locations, Applebee’s is the largest restaurant chain in the U.S. that does not offer a single vegetarian entrée on all its menus.

“We’re calling on Applebee’s to make a change to protect people and the planet,” Stephanie Feldstein, Director of the Population and Sustainability Program at the Center said. “Restaurants can play an important role in creating a more sustainable food system, but only if Earth-friendly, plant-based options are available on every menu across the country.

” The day was the kickoff of a larger national campaign targeting restaurants, developed and co-led by OMD and the Center, in an effort to increase access to plant-based foods for better health and to take action for the planet. Together the organizations will support individuals as they advocate for menu change across the country.

The cost of producing and eating meat and dairy is well documented:

  • Animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change, deforestation, biodiversity loss and water usage and pollution worldwide.
  • Eating excessive animal protein comes with increased risk of chronic illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

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