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Get ready to spice up your sex life and create an upsurge of blood flow when you need it the most — all while saving the planet! How is this possible? Hot Sex Cool Planet will be your ‘go to’ guide that will give you the secrets you need to enhance your sexual experience while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.


Our Founder, Suzy Amis Cameron, Executive Producer of The Game Changers featured on Netflix, and author of The OMD Plan: Swap One Meal A Day to Save Your Health and Save The Planet, is zeroing in on the intersection between optimizing human health and environmental stewardship to boost both your home and away game. Following the experiments seen on The Game Changers, Hot Sex Cool Planet will take you to the next level by exploring the details of the science behind the results.

Dr. Robert Vogel, Co-Chair, NFL Subcommittee on Cardiovascular Health conducts an experiment with three professional football players to test the plasma in their blood (see 22:19–25:59). In the documentary, three professional football players are given animal protein burritos for lunch — one beef and one chicken. Two hours later, they gave a blood sample. The sample is placed in a Centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The clarity of the plasma will indicate the amount of fat circulating in the blood. The clearer the plasma, the higher chance your endothelium is functioning at the highest level.

So, what you eat prior to an athletic event can have a major influence on performance.
When your Endothelium — which regulates blood flow in the body — is impaired, you cannot have proper blood flow throughout the body.

As illustrated, the plasma from the meat burrito and chicken burritos are cloudy. This cloudiness indicates that there is a higher amount of fat circulating in the bloodstream, which will have a 6-7 hour effect on the endothelium. As a consequence, athletic performance will not be optimal.

The athlete that consumes a plant-based burrito has clear plasma, indicating optimal blood flow within the body and a higher functioning Endothelium.

“If you have bacon and eggs for breakfast, a hamburger for lunch and a steak for dinner, your blood is always cloudy and the ability to operate at your best is always impaired”
—Dr. Robert Vogel, M.D.

SO, how does this relate to improving sexual performance?

Factually speaking — sex is a cardiovascular exercise and optimizing blood flow to organs that facilitate and regulate our sexual functions is critical to maintaining and improving sexual performance. Optimal blood flow will improve the longevity of your performance in the bedroom and can increase blood flow to the penis — now that’s a pro-boner!

Dr. Aaron Spitz, Lead Delegate, American Urological Association, also does a deeper dive with 3 college athletes and examines the correlation between diet and blood flow to the penis (see 51:40 – 56:36) with astounding results.

Learn more about The Game Changers and watch top performers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic and Chris Paul improve performance through a plant-based diet.


Eating a healthy plant-based diet, one that is low in saturated fat and free of cholesterol, helps improve blood viscosity (thickness of the blood). This increases oxygen levels that reach the muscles, which improves athletic (sexual) performance. Plant-based diets improve arterial flexibility and diameter, leading to better blood flow. Plant-based diets can:

Increase blood flow — Decrease chance of Type 2 Diabetes — Decrease chances of high blood pressure — Decrease Inflammation — Decrease chance of erectile dysfunction

Men with diabetes and heart disease (conditions dominated by eating meat and dairy-heavy diets) have higher rates of erectile dysfunction — that’s a whopping 35% of men with high blood pressure, 42% of men with high cholesterol and up to 85% of men with diabetes.

About ED (Erectile Dysfunction)
As Dr. Spitz states, “The most common reason a man may experience a problem having an erection is a problem with blood flow due to narrowing of the arteries. Many conditions can lead to poor blood flow, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, but we can slow the process down.”

A whole food, plant-based diet and regular exercise can prevent many of these diseases.

It’s very important not to ignore erectile dysfunction. Nerves are also critical for erections, and certain diseases or injuries can impair nerves that control blood flow to the penis or that give it sensation. Spinal cord injury, neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, surgeries in the pelvis (especially for prostate cancer), and medications such as antidepressants can all interfere with a man’s sexual performance. Also, low testosterone is a common culprit. Many men don’t realize they are running on empty, lacking this fuel of desire. Some medical conditions and medications can lower testosterone. Cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol in excess are all buzzkills for your penis. Did you know a surprising cause of erectile dysfunction is lack of sleep? If you don’t snooze, you lose — testosterone. Night shift workers and many of us that simply short change our sleep are at risk of lower levels of testosterone and some trouble staying “up” at night.

Thus, while not the answer for every cause, a plant-based diet may improve your opportunity to more fully enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life while reducing the impact of your food choices on the environment.


Stock up on this produce to improve your sexual performance (Source):

*Consuming pomegranate — as juice, raw fruit or supplement — may improve blood flow and oxygenation of muscle tissue, which could especially aid active individuals.
**Your body converts nitrates into nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator

“The very same foods that protect your health also protect the health of the environment.”
— Neal Barnard, M.D.


Consuming a plant-based diet not only improves your health and opportunity for sexual intimacy with your partner, but it’s a huge win for the environment. If 100 men or women swapped at least one meat and dairy heavy meal a day to a robust plant-based dish for an entire year, the environmental impacts would be shocking:

If 100 men or 100 women eat one plant-based meal a day instead of an meat-based meal they’ll save:


gallons of water

Carbon equivalent of driving
307,700 miles in your car —
like driving from LA to New York
50 times!

All references to time sequences are from The Game Changers movie. Information presented about ED is courtesy of The Game Changers.